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To help you enjoy your stay and to help others enjoy theirs please observe these simple site rules.

1 car per pitch please. The Secret Garden has an adequate additional car park near the office. We want to look like a campsite and not a car park.

The speed limit on site is 5 mph. As there are often young children playing, we ask you to take special care when driving on site.

Take a moment to familiarise yourself with our safety guidelines displayed on the main notice board in the amenities block.

Smoking is not permitted in the Pod, Tipi or amenities blocks. We would prefer The Secret Garden to be a no smoking site, but if you are a smoker please dispose of your cigarette ends responsibly, do not leave them in the fire pits, sand buckets or grounds of the campsite.

We do allow BBQ's and camp fires in the fire pits provided, these must be under adult supervision at all times, please keep them small and safe in an open area away from overhanging plants, foliage and hedges. DO NOT burn plastic or refuse, there should only be ashes and coals left in your fire pit, dispose of these safely and only when completely extinguished and cooled, if you’re unsure wet them down first. NEVER take a BBQ or fire pit into your tent, caravan, Pod or Tipi.

Fire extinguishers are located at strategic points around site, please make the effort to locate the one nearest your pitch. Please observe the minimum 6 meter rule to neighbouring equipment to prevent the spread of fire.

The Secret Garden is situated in a wild garden with many species of flora and fauna, some of these may be harmful if eaten, we consider the site a natural play area, there are wooded and wild areas all around site. We encourage children to play and explore around the site but please bear this in mind with appropriate adult supervision.

Please supervise children at all times throughout the site to ensure they are playing safely. In respect to other visitors ensure your children are not left alone in the amenities block or use it to play games. Games and sports should be played away from the pitches, there is plenty of space around site including Hobbit Hill and the adventure field on Fen Park.

We are a dog friendly caravan and camping site. However we request that dogs must be kept on a lead at all times whilst on site. Please be courteous and always clean up after your dog. A small paddock area is provided as an off lead exercise area near Hobbit Hill.

Please keep noise to an absolute minimum between 11pm and 7am, we are a quiet site where campers can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the sounds of nature without a soundtrack. If you experience any unreasonable noise during these hours please alert us at any time by calling 07970 657 824.

We make every effort to keep the site facilities clean and tidy and ask for your assistance in maintaining this standard by using the refuse and recycling bins and chemical disposal points provided, and by leaving all facilities clean after use, there are mops and squeegies provided to clean up any excess water in the shower room after a shower.


All personal property and refuse must be removed before vacating the pitch.

Please take any broken camping equipment/blow up beds/ tents away with you, our refuse collector will not take this with the normal refuse.

Please respect site livestock. If our pigs are resident in the wooded area you are welcome to feed them with potatoes from the office or uncooked vegetable peelings. You must read the "Pig Rules" poster and be aware of the electric tape on the inside lower part of the fence, if you inadvertently catch this you will experience an electric shock. 

If you are expecting visitors, please remind them to park in the additional car park and report to reception.


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