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Eco-dyeing workshop 10.30 am - dyed items to be collected at 3.30 pm


After a guided walk along hedgerow and woodland around the campsite collecting flowers and foliage use your discoveries to create a naturally dyed fabric item. Each piece will be highly individual and will give you a lasting memory of your walk and the campsite. 


This workshop will involve some walking, please wear suitable shoes and bring along some water to drink.

Course Dates for Eco Dyeing 2019......coming soon

Woad workshops 10.30 am

The history of woad with a chance to try out many natural dyeing techniques. You will create a unique and beautifully coloured piece of fabric to take home. 

Course Dates for Woad Workshop 2019 coming soon:

Saturday 20th April

General info

The workshops will last about 3 to 4 hours approx


Prices are £15 per person  or £50 for a family of 4, with up to a maximum of 10 people per workshop. 


A cotton or linen square will be provided (if you want to use silk there will be an additional charge of £2) or bring your own clothing/fabric to dye if you wish! A white t-shirt can be magically transformed!


If you are interested in an individually tailored walk and workshop please send an email to 

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